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Hot and Bothered

I’m all in a fluster this morning.
I’m usually not too political here, but something I read really got me going and I felt the need to share.
I was reading a blog post about unpaid maternity leave and it left me aggravated.
Not only is it a disgrace that this country is one of the richest, but we treat our regular citizens as if they don’t matter.
In a day and age where both parents need to work in order to try to make ends meet, a paid maternity leave would mean the difference between sacrificing pay to be at home with your child and potentially not being able to pay the bills.  Alternately, you go back to work the second  you pop that pesky kid out and miss out on bonding time you can never ever get back.
What congress and the house need to realize, and hopefully they know this already, children grow and change so fast.  Especially in the first year.
FMLA does nothing unless you work for a large corporation.  And big whoop (as my mom would say) it secures your job for 12 weeks.
When I was out on maternity leave, I had to use all my sick and vacation time roughly 8 weeks.  Eight weeks, that is all the time in the world I had to bond with my new baby.  To get used to this life changing being that entered my world.
It’s sad, and sadistic.
So I took it upon my self to write my local congresswoman, and call my senator.  It’s easy and hopefully if more people do it, it will make a world of difference.
Don’t sit on your hands about this, take charge!
Here is the bill
Here is how you contact your local congress person, call!

Be the change you want to see in the world.  I want to see people be more aggressive about making the changes we want.  We have a voice and we need to start using it.


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